Countdown to Halloween: 7 Days To Go!

"Broken Stones" Pen & Ink on Bristol board 14"x17"

Another week down, another to go. My, how this month is skipping by. Halloween is all about the dead. Either they are are being honored or they have risen up to run amok.    If haunted houses are not aplenty … Continue reading

Countdown to Halloween: 14 Days To Go!


Another week and only 14 days to go.    Nothing says Halloween like a good old witch.  Pale green skin, exaggerated nose accessorized by a hairy wort, pointy brimmed hat, completed with a cackle.  Nothing short of a caricature, I … Continue reading

Countdown to Halloween: 21 Days To Go!


Welcome to the third post and second installment of “Countdown to Halloween” with 21 days to go.  The first installment I delved into spiders, the creepy crawlies of Halloween, and did a graphic art piece that strung twisted vines to form a spider. … Continue reading

The Countdown Begins: 30 Days Til Halloween…


Now it begins.  The Pumpkin carving, creepy costume, apple bobbing, time of the year where kids have a good excuse to gorge on candy, and adults get to act like puberty never set in.  A time where cosplay isn’t just … Continue reading

The Jolena: In the Spirit of the Revolution


Books have a way to engage the imagination and entangle you in worlds of possibilities.   This necklace was inspired by the book “Spirit of the Revolution” by Debbie Peterson, and named after the heroine of the book Jolena. The … Continue reading

Take-A-Peek-See: In the process of a still-life “Tattered”

Oil Painting 18" x 24", partial snapshot of still life "Tattered"

Welcome to yet another take-a-peek-see post.  By now you are probably wondering is I’ll ever reveal the completed piece, or if I enjoy teasing you, or maybe I just like making promises I don’t intend to keep.  Most artists like to work … Continue reading

Take-A-Peek-See: In the process of “untitled”

Acrylic Painting 14" x 18", partial snapshot of "untitled"

Welcome to another “Take-A-Peek-See” post.  While I was perusing pinterest, I came across a texture that inspired me to do this painting.  It will be a contemporary piece inspired by texture and form. The medium of choice is acrylic, due … Continue reading