From Sketch to Color

Sketch and colored graphic image of Mystic Wander.
Sketch and colored graphic image of Mystic Wander.

The Before and the After, the  Rough to the Final, the Beginning to the End, regardless how one wants to phrase it there is something fascinating about the vision becoming a lucid work of art.  My dad was a computer geek since it’s conception.   Even now I till remember the old dos putty computer, and playing single colored low res pixel games on it.

Mystic Wander - Sketch
Mystic Wander – Sketch

As technology improved, more sophisticated software came.  “Paint” introduced me to the alternative world of art, creating simple bitmap images of castles and ships and whatever I felt like at the time.  Then came Photoshop 4….I drooled.  A program intended to work photographs, I saw it as a digital palette, with brushes and techniques that  I couldn’t execute non-digitally without proper tools…..and better yet…an undo button.

Then I learned the fine art of scanning a line drawing, and building it up layer by layer, creating what you see here.  I wanted to create an image that combined many of the things that I love, jewelry, fantasy and graphic design.  Soon enough  a story and a mystery unfolded on a single image.

The file itself is over 1 gig, with 100’s of layers.  Numerous hours spent looking over various ruby gems pictures  to get the color  and sparkle just right.  Even still I’m trying to get that right color of gold, paying attention to scuffs and texture gold would have.  The paper was fun, along with little details like the blood stain and folds.

I’m still working on the final product, and hopefully soon I’ll be satisfied with the outcome.

Mystic Wander - Full-size Image plus closeups
Mystic Wander – Full-size Image plus closeups

What would you perceive is the story behind the image?  Would love to here your thoughts!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. I see a mysterious chest, locked away in a secret room, inside a medieval castle. And oh my, what that chest contains boggles the mind! Beautiful work Shandra! You are amazing!!

  2. ShandraKay says:

    Interesting story that would make, thanks for sharing!

  3. This is the only time I’ve been to your website. Thnx for explaining more details.

    1. ShandraKay says:

      Thank you for stopping by 🙂

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