Take-A-Peek-See: In the process of a still-life “Tattered”

Oil Painting 18" x 24", partial snapshot of still life "Tattered"
Oil Painting 18″ x 24″, partial snapshot of still life “Tattered”

Welcome to yet another take-a-peek-see post.  By now you are probably wondering is I’ll ever reveal the completed piece, or if I enjoy teasing you, or maybe I just like making promises I don’t intend to keep.  Most artists like to work on numerous projects at a time, especially if they are working with a medium that dries slowly.  Often times however, we get inspired and uninspired so quickly it results in half finished work.  Add a dose of perfectionism, and limited working space equaling..lots of work in limbo .  No need to worry though…it’ll get done…eventually…… …….maybe…….

Still-lives are often part of every Artist’s portfolio.  Not everyone likes them, while others find them fascinating.   They are good for practice, especially when you’re learning how lighting works.  Others just like to throw random $!@% together and see how it comes out. Personally I haven’t done still-lives in awhile (like since college..gah I feel old)..  Not into bowls of fruit or planted pottery, but I do like old/worn/broken items.  Featuring tattered antique books…(LOVE!) I added a few other random items to make it interesting.  Lots of earth tones, with a pop of red.

They say “a picture is worth a thousand words” and objects have a way to identify an individual.  If you could have a still-life done that defines you, that tells your life’s story…what would it be?


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  1. I want to see the rest….now please… ; )

    1. ShandraKay says:

      Hehe…All in good time, it’s about 70% done. So hopefully it will be soon.

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