The Countdown Begins: 30 Days Til Halloween…


Now it begins.  The Pumpkin carving, creepy costume, apple bobbing, time of the year where kids have a good excuse to gorge on candy, and adults get to act like puberty never set in.  A time where cosplay isn’t just for nerds, pranks can freak the daylights out of total strangers, and the law enforcement get extra cranky.  Yeah….it’s that holiday I speak of, Halloween.   I love holiday festivities.  Every holiday always inserts just the right spices and sparkle that take the mundane and twist the everyday.  Sign-Goblin

Though I’m aware Halloween isn’t for anyone, like hermits, police officers, the faint of heart, and the anti-candy police to name just a few, I do enjoy for what it is.   What it was however was much different. The original day was prior to the Christian festive of the harvest of All Hallow’s Day. It was a day where the Saints were honored and the departed souls were prayed for.  The Christians were not the only ones that honored the day.  November 1st was the Celtic New Year while October 31st was Samhain, a day where the Otherworld opened and the Dead and Faes alike ran amok.  To ward such spirits, masks were adorned and bonfires were lit.

Now in the spirit of Halloween (har har), brace yourselves! For the month of October, every Thursday I’ll be counting down to Halloween.  For each week my art will focus on something Halloweenish.  Look forward to it!   For now we’ll focus on the mascots of the banner I made for the count down…Cute no?


So what are you going to be for Halloween this year?


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