Countdown to Halloween: 28 Days To Go!


Close-Up of Spider
Close-Up of Spider

Creeping crawlers and intricate webs, spiders have been mascots of Halloween for years.  Insects in general can be rather frighting under the right circumstances, but why the spider?  Why is the spider on every Halloween decor,  every cupcake, and a glimpse on every haunted spectacle one can find?  Is it their intricate homes?  Does their homes signal abandonment giving an essence of the death and decay?  Maybe it’s their temperament?  On an interesting note spiders were not always a sign of bad and evil to come.  According to some they were a sign of good luck.

Edge of the Fern Close Up
Edge of the Fern Close Up

That being said I welcome you to the first week of October, with 28 days to go “Halloween Countdown“.  As I said is my previous post, every week on Thursday I’ll post a piece of artwork that gives homage to Halloween.  It’s my way to get into the spirit of things.  As you can tell I chose to do a spider.  This piece was done in Illustrator (vector).  My original idea was to create a pattern, but ended up with something more of an artistic rendition.

The feeling is devoid of anything remotely creepy, but rather a whimsical elegance.  The body of the spider is made up of spirally vines.  The web was the most difficult to execute.  I didn’t want it to overwhelm the picture, but a few references were either too  large or far too complicated.   Pretty spirals of ferns anchor the web, each with just as much details as the spider.

In The Web, Illustrator, 20x20
In The Web, Illustrator, 20×20

I still need to come up with a proper title for the piece, but for now I hope you enjoy it. This piece may be available as a print in the future. So stay in tuned for updates.

UPDATED: For those that came before the update will notice that the image was altered a bit.  After a few adjustments I found I like the black background better.  While I was at it I added more spiral ferns.

This digital artwork is now available for print-on-demand at my Store on Artpal and FineArtAmerica!


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