Countdown to Halloween: 7 Days To Go!


"Broken Stones" Closeup - Trees
“Broken Stones” Closeup – Trees

Another week down, another to go. My, how this month is skipping by. Halloween is all about the dead. Either they are are being honored or they have risen up to run amok.    If haunted houses are not aplenty in your area then tip-toeing past gravestones is the sure adventure on All Hallow’s Eve.  It is no surprise that cemeteries are the foothold of Halloween, given their very nature as a place to lay our dead.

"Broken Stones" Closeup Gravestones
“Broken Stones” Closeup Gravestones

I’m sure you can guess, but for this week my attention was focused on gravestones.  Markers of those that are laid  to rest.  I chose to have the gravestones broken, one for aesthetic reasons, and two to give a sense of symbolism.  I added a few creepy trees to counter all the stippling (dots that are used as shading).   I used the stippling technique for the gravestones to denote the granite.  A 14″x17″ smooth bristol board and Sakura Micron ink pens were used as the medium.  As I was worried about graphite marks I avoided the use of the pencil. Two days and a cramped hand later, the piece was complete.

"Broken Stones" Pen & Ink on Bristol board 14"x17"
“Broken Stones” Pen & Ink on Bristol board 14″x17″

Are you ready for Halloween?


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  1. I have to say I REALLY love this one! It is just gorgeous… and as an aside… I love the banners that go along with them…they make me laugh every time I visit! Keep up the good work!

  2. ShandraKay says:

    They crack me up :D. I had a little too much fun making this weeks banner 🙂 Glad you are enjoying them.

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