Rorschach in Design: When One Thing Leads To Another – Part Two

STEP-ONE---IMPROVAfter my butterfly design pattern exploits, I decided to experiment with an idea of improvising.  A design ad lib of sorts, starting from free thinking and random curves.  One of my attempts was this:

I immediately saw the potential of this one. Not just the form but the texture reminded me of a certain animal.

STEP-TWO---IMPROVIt certainly is interesting, I didn’t merely see what it looked like now but what it could be. Pareidolia or matrixing is a phenomenon where familiar shapes are constructed by random shadows and highlights.  More often than not, this accounts to many “faces” that are seen in photographs. Though I can’t discount it entirely to a trick of the eye. Like Rorschach Test’s used klecksography and pareidolia to gain insight to a person’s mentality, I took lines and texture to create a familiar form. Slowly my form started to take shape, then finally a result.


 A whale!  Did you see that coming?  Who knew right?  I did not want to create a pattern this time around.  I wanted to build a world for this little whale and then some.  I restricted the the style to curvy lines and sharp edges.  Giving it a very tribal style look.


Bit by bit I added a few more whales, and used thinner curvy lines to represent the water.  The overall look reminded me of an intricate stamp design, or block printing.   Major hand cramping later it finally came together.  Can’t wait to get this sucker printed :).  The final print will not have the watermark, and possibly will be printed on a gloss archival paper.

Whale Dance - Illustrator
Whale Dance – Illustrator

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