“Demeter’s Harvest”- Thanksgiving Inspired.

DEMETERS HARVEST - CLOSEUP - PUMPWHEATAs the leaves turn to a warm color palette, and the fall breeze sneaks by, the autumn bounty is ready to be harvested just before the winter .  It is a time of thanks and appreciation.  This day means different things for everyone.  A day most cultures observe at one point, it’s a celebration of a blessed harvest.  For those in America this is that day.  Those in Canada it was the second Monday of October. So for those that celebrate before, today, or after, Happy Thanksgiving.

DEMETERS HARVEST - CLOSEUP - FACETrying to find inspiration for a “Thanksgiving” Special piece was rather difficult.  I certainly wasn’t in the mood to paint a pumpkin nor did a cornucopia stir the imagination.  So I decided to look for myths, deities, and the fantasy to sparkle that artistic vibe.   I found the odd  lack of appropriate harvest linked familiars to disappoint the enthusiasm.  Still, for this year I decided to focus on Demeter, the Greek Goddess of harvest and fertility.

DEMETERS HARVEST - CLOSEUP - FEETIt’s been done I know.  But I needed something in my comfort zone. The medium of choice was ink pen (Alvin Drawing Pen) on 14″ x 17″ smooth bristol board.  When it comes to ink, with the exception of ink washes, one is limited to the execution of gradient techniques (gradual tone from light to dark).

I had a lot of fun with “Broken Stones“, but this time I wanted to do it completely in stipple.  Stippling is using dots to convey shadows.  It gives a soft grainy look.  Unlike “Broken Stones” I decided to keep it at a consistent 0.1 liner size.

Demeter herself is garbed in typical ancient Greek fashion.  Her surroundings is a wheat and poppy field adorned by pumpkins.  A turtle dove attempt to perch on her shoulder as she collects her bounty.

"Demeter's Harvest" - Ink on Bristol - 14"x17"
“Demeter’s Harvest” – Ink on Bristol – 14″x17″

I wanted to avoid pencil marks and eraser smudges so I “drew” with dots and hoped I wouldn’t make a mistake :).  There you have it.  “Demeter’s Harvest” in a nutshell.  Happy Thanksgiving!


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