The Lissa: In Van Locken’s Witch

Aquamarine Swavorski Crystal  dangles on a two brown leather cords accented by silver plated beads.
Aquamarine Swavorski Crystals dangles on a 2 Brown Leather Cords accented by Silver-plated Beads.

Another Book, another necklace give-away!  This one of a kind necklace will be available as a give-away as part of the Blurb Blitz Tour for Van Locken’s Witch.  I’m sure you have heard of it before as it was featured during the Halloween Countdown. The tour will go to February 24th through March 14th.  Follow the rules of the tour to enter.  Only one necklace will be be available at a later date for purchase.

CLOSEUP - CRYSTALS - Lissa NecklaceThe necklace design was inspired by the trinket the heroine (Lissa) adorned in the book, thus the namesake. The necklace spans approximately 23.5 inches.  Focal crystals are Swavorski aquamarine and accented with silver plated beads on dark brown leather cord.  The clasp is magnetic.
 Here’s another look at the synopsis!
Van Locken's Witch - Cover
Van Locken’s Witch – Cover

Kapitein Rand Van Locken has no idea what awaits him as he boards the Spanish galleon on behalf of the Dutch West India Company, or that the beautiful woman imprisoned within will change his life in ways he never imagined or even desired. Until now..

Lissa Capoen, didn’t plan for the Spaniards to capture her while attempting to rescue the sister they kidnapped as bait. She didn’t foresee the handsome sea captain coming swiftly to her aid and offering his assistance. She certainly didn’t she expect him to steal her heart and claim it as his own.

Yet, as destiny brings them ever closer together, Armando Manera is determined to recapture the witch and present her to the Spanish King. To accomplish that goal, he is willing to do whatever it takes…

 A message from the writer:

Well, there you have it!  I hope to see you on the tour and all the while, I’ll wish you the best of luck in winning that necklace!

– Debbie Peterson


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