About the Artist

I am a multi-medium Artist based out of Las Vegas, NV.  I was born with a love for all things creative, primarily in the visual arts.  At a very young age, I sought an outlet for my creativity, by “redrawing” my favorite pictures. This in turn, prompted my Grandfather to teach me the basic skills of oil painting.  My father’s interest in computers influenced a desire to use the computer as another way to express myself visually.

Throughout my years of high school and college, I then placed my attention on Still Life portraits of people, the realms of fantasy, and many of my works of art have been inspired by Asian art styles and concepts, and thereby, has acquired an interest for all cultures.

College taught me a different perspective in Design and Advertisement. I have come to know that art and design can impact people in a variety of ways.

I also has a love for Interior Design, Culinary Arts, and Gaming Designs, all of which clamor for my attention.  I studied Commercial Art with a Science Emphasis in the College of Southern Nevada and in the future will include other avenues.


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